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The first chow chow boy in our home appeared in 1989, LOKYS (he came from Russia) was my dream dog. 

I really fell in love with this breed of Chow chow. 

In 1991 we already had the first 7 puppy litter from the beautiful girl DZOUK GRE TCU.

This is how the life of my kennel started. In 1995 the official status of the FCI kennel “CUNAMI” was confirmed.

We are proud of our puppies. Puppies bred in “CUNAMI” kennel are living all around the World: Europe, Canada, Russia, Asia, Australia, USA, England, South Africa. 

Currently the dogs of the kennel “CUNAMI” have ambitional awards, such us: World Winner, Junior European Winner, Inter. Champions, native Champions and other countries. 

All the dogs in my kennel have health tests. 

Feel free to visit our website. 

With respect Jolanta Taujeniene